{Once upon a bird} hello 2012

today i am very very happy.. i would like to share with you something very dear to my heart โค

all my life i have felt that paper & stationary is a magical world that brings so much joy to life & my dream is to be part of that world one day ^___^

for a while i have been working on art work on my free time, but recently i have worked jointly with my creative friend that has a passion & talent in graphic design, and we formed a little brand “LMHM” … today our first product saw the light & i would like to share it with everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

{ once upon a bird } is our unique 2012 calendar… it is very simple, artistic, with quirky illustration. 12 hand illustrated scenes that you would enjoy every month, with a detachable metal piece on a shape of a bird that slides over each day!

it is a unique concept & we are so happy to see the final result ^___^

i would like to thank all our family & friends for their support & encouragement โค and to the lovely people at {hadeya station} thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

i hope you all LUV it too ^__^

to purchase the calander simply click here

or contact us on lmhmdesigns@gmail.com

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Italian Taste in Shanghai China

i am still posting about china, but this post has an italian flavor ๐Ÿ™‚

after beijing, we stayed in Shanghai for two nights as our second destination.

Shanghai is such a modern city, different than Beijing atmosphere! people keep asking me which is city is better.. the truth is you can’t compare, cuz each has its own magic and completely different! so i like em both ^___^

a common misconception it that when you’re in china, all what you can eat is chinese food! but the amount of good international cuisines that you come across is abundant..

we came across this lovely cozy italian restaurant while we were walking randomly exploring the city! unfortunately i forgot the name ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i know!! how could I? right!!!!

any ways we had so much fun, and we even noticed that the chef was italian “super cool” ^__^




we started with pumpkin soup & salad, followed by fungi pizza & an amazing layered pasta with cheese, tomatoes & eggplant ๐Ÿ™‚

simple yet delicious!


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Roasted Duck in Beijing China

Yes, i am not done posting about our China trip!! i just took a break for a couple of days, since i am working on a project that i will share with all of you Very very soon ^__^

back to china!

they say there is one thing you need to try when you’re in Beijing, which is the roasted Duck! it is the city’s signature dish, and i am glad we tried it out.

the concierge did the booking as per their recommendation, a restaurant called “DaDong”. The atmosphere was very nice, but most of all the food was delicious, or lets say the “DUCK” was tasty & can’t compare it to any of the other chinese restaurants we tried before!

you have a choice of full, or half duck, the pictures i posted is of half duck portion, they get you the duck and start slicing it in front of you, rather than shredding, i have it on video and all, but still having trouble uploading it to the blog :/ i will post all the videos soon i promise!


of course the duck is served with the light pancakes, & side dish of shredded veggies, sauce, & sugar.. other stuff, all tastes good ๐Ÿ™‚

to be honest my only comment is, that it was very hard communicating with the waiters, only few knew english!

if you are ever in Beijing, don’t forget to feast on a duck ^__^


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Fun lunch at Zeebrgr

yesterday we had so much fun visiting the new place called Zeebrgr, the poeple behind this concept are the same creators of the 1 & only Makki!
we tried some dishes and we all agreed it tasted amazing, & the service was super great & friendly ^__^ we would go again for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰
thank you guyz for the wonderfull hospitality ^__^







we started with ZeeSalad & burratta which their gourmet version of mozzarella pomadoro, then tried 3 burgers: veggie, Zee burger, & tartufu which is the mushroom brgr.
finally we were treated with amazing cheese cake & cannoli ^__^ everything tasted great, i would highly recommend u try it out ๐Ÿ™‚
it located in palm hotel, albede’a
visit their website for more info

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Olympic Green in Beijing, Great china

For the 2008 Olympics that was held in Beijing China, an Olympic Park was designed named “Olympic Green”, having the most two unique structures:

1. Birds nest – officially named Beijing National Stadium

2. water cube – Beijing National aquatics

two buildings that are not only an architectural landmark but also reflect chinese culture, they represent two contrasting elements of nature, earth & water..

i like the concept ^__^ we passed by on our way to the great wall tour!



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Local chinese food, Great China Trip

During our trip to Beijing, the tour guide took us to a local food restaurant to have lunch in a village near the great wall (Mutianyu section), he says that during weekends, this place would be packed with locals.

it was a set menu, with variety of food presented, (seafood – chicken – vegetarian..etc), which was excellent! a mix of fish, fried chicken, rice, tofu, amazing delicious green beans with some kind of spicy flavor! & steamed broccoli with glaze of some special sauce.. yum

also they are famous for their home town bread.. its more of pancakes really mixed with green veggies, that just tasted fantastic ^__^

i was hesitant at first to try out the food, but the result was truly tasty & satisfying. we enjoyed every bite!






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more ART from China

following my previous post, i would like to share more of the art work i found in china.
it took me some time to find the right frames, and i’m glad i found those 3 in Ikea!





did you notice that the last picture is not a painting?
it’s chinese cut-out paper art !!! the details are amazing! don’t you agree ^__^

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ART in Great China

during our travel around china, i found many cute items that you may call artistic..
those cute little wooden dolls were all over shanghai, you can also find the ceramic version, but i think the wooden ones are cooler, u can move the head ;p perfect gifts as well ^__^


i also found little square water paintings โค sooooo pretty!
i purchased a transparent glass frame from "the one", it gives it more of a lightness effect ^__^ what do u think?



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Butternut Squash Soup

Since squash and apples are in season, I decided to make this simple healthy soup!
The apples and the maple syrup add just a hint of sweetness and lots of depth to the flavors.
About 1/2 a small Butternut squash cubed
A sliced onion
One small peeled and sliced apple (any kind will do)
2 cloves of garlic- diced
One tablespoon tomato paste
One table spoon chopped cilantro
One tablespoon maple syrup
One teaspoon cumin
One teaspoon chili spice
One tbsp canola oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Step 1
Caramelize onions and apples in canola oil over medium heat until tender.
Step 2
Add garlic and butternut squash and tomato paste and all spices and continue sautรฉing.
Step 3
Add 2 to 3 cups of water and boil over high heat until squash is done.
Step 4
Pour everything into a mixer and puree.
Step 5
Return the soup back to the stove and add the maple syrup.
I served it with a turkey-leftovers-macaroni-casserole.
Bon appetite.




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Beijing, the Great Wall at Great China

our first stop in our china journey, was Beijing, traveling through Emirates Airlines, we were lucky to try out the EK A380, it was very ย comfortable for such a long flight ^__^

{ Beijing } is the capital of China, and one of the most historical cities. there are so many sites and places to visit, and we just couldn’t see everything in 2 days, but we tried our best ๐Ÿ™‚

if you ever go to Beijing here is a list of places you might wanna check out if you have the time:

1. Great Wall of China.

2. Forbidden City

3. Summer Palace

4. Temple of Heaven

5. Olympic park

6. Pearl & Silk Market

7. WangFuJing St/ night market

8. Try Beijing Roast Duck

9. attend Tea Ceremony

the list can go on & on … these are just highlights of all the amazing things you can do there!

you can guess the first thing we did? of course visit the —-> {Great Wall of China} one of the 7 wonders of the world, with a history of more than 2000 Years! waw ^__^ it was sooo exciting!!!

the most convenient way is to booked a tour through the hotel, the wall can be reached by many different sections, the most famous is Badaling, Mutianyu (we visited), & Simatai.

Mutianyu section has spectacular scenery, & much less crowded than Badaling from what i read, and as our tour guide advised. i must say the views were spectacular! now specially that its fall, you can see the tree’s with colors changing red & yellow.. breath taking.

they told us, that there is a chinese saying, that a person is never complete until he/she climbs the great wall! so congratulations to us yaaaay ^___^

i must say that once you reach the wall, look around, feel the breeze, a complete feeling of piece takes over your heart โค a person can spend hours up there quietly without getting bored ๐Ÿ™‚

it is by far, the most interesting, and “must do” item in the trip ^__^

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