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بيض القطا local dessert beith alkatta

i came across this simple easy recipe of {beith al katta} traslated as “little birds eggs”, in (senses 2 book) by kuwait flour mills & bakeries co.

i always had the idea that its a hard dish to prepare, surprisingly its super easy!!

first you prepare the dough:
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1 pack butter (100gr) ** i used only 3/4 pack i.e 750 gr. its up to you to use the quantity you preffer.
** i also added 1/2 tbls rose water, totally optional.

combine the above ingredients, cover, and keep to rest for half hour.

meanwhile mix 1 cup crushed walnuts with 1/4 tsp cardamom powder ** i used 1 full tsp. i like the flavor ^__^

once the dough is ready after the half hour had pased cut the dough into small balls, fill each ball with 1ts of walnut filling, close and shape as small egg. it takes time to get it right but its cool not that hard trust me, so dont give up easily 😉

now heat some oil and drop the dough balls in deep fry, drain, and cool.

finally drop the fried balls into a bowl of icing sugar and roll untill completly covered with sugar and serve with tea or coffe 🙂

one more tip ** i ran out of walnut filling so i used powder pistachio instead for the remaing dough and it turned out tasty! you can try that as well

i hope you like it ^__^
and happy eid every one
enjoy the holidays ❤


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