honey, lavender ice cream

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hi all,
it’s been a while since i last posted any recipes, but i have been very active on instagram! you can follow me —>{twomatoes} and check out more pics ^__^

i watched {it’s complicated} movie over thousands of times i think i know it by heart now.. and i always wanted to try preparing lavender ice cream just like the movie โค

now that i have an ice cream machine and summer is almost here, i have dry lavender from a farmers market in germany, so i thought why not?!
i googled many recipes but most of them had eggs in em! am not a fan of eggs! untill i found this supeeer easy lovely recipehere
i must admit i didn’t follow the exact measurements! i just added ingredients and kept tasting the mixture till it tasted good ๐Ÿ™‚

the best part not only did it taste unique different and amazing, its soooo easy!

in a nut shell:
1. pour honey into a saucepan around quarter of a cup, over medium heat.
2. add 1 tea spoon of lavender (i added two)
3. i also added around half cup of full cream milk
4. then add the cream, i think it was around 2 cups!
5. keep mixing gently with a wooden spon till it starts to boil remove from heat, use strainer to get rid of the lavender, then wait for it to cool.
6. pour the mixture into your ice cream machine maker and follow the instructions as per manufacturer.

i must say it was all liquidy when it was in the machine! i gave up and just poured it into a container and put it in the freezer. i thought its not gonna work out, but two hours later i was surprised โค the best ice cream eveeeeeer โค
you can use lavender and some coconut as garnish before serving ^___^ enjoooy







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