FAT burger on the plate

April 27, 2011 at 5:18 pm Leave a comment

I heard so much about “fat burger”, and read so many reviews when it first opened in Kuwait. I enjoy eating burgers, and since then it has been on my mind. couple of weeks ago me and my friend hit the road to “spoons” and had an amazing treat of those yummy burgers.


Its was my first time to try it out, the place was really nice, great service, i liked the way they shout out your order! every one sitting in the restaurant would know what ur having for lunch today LOL ;P i had the cheese burger my friend had the veggie, both got our selves chunky fries (don’t recall what they are called! not the skinny fries the other ones) and 1 vanilla milk shake.. it wouldn’t be one complete american meal without the milk shake now would it 😉

they take your order at the counter, then they bring it up to your table. there is a service counter for ketchup and stuff.

when the burgers arrived it wasn’t what i had in mind! well maybe cuz it’s called fat burger i had an image in my head that it would be really huge and super large in size, but instead i got a cute little burger! was it satisfactory? oh yeah ❤ i loved it and felt completely full after that meal and happy happy happy ❤ it was one of those perfect days! the weather was great the place was not too crowded not too quiet.. just perfect outing.

I would definitely go there again & highly recommend it 🙂


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