Italian passion – part 2 – Rome

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hello every one

This is part 2 of my travel journal of all the places we went to, during our summer trip to italy. My favorite city is rome, it is one of the most magnificent cities in the world ❤ these are the main highlights and destinations i would like to share:

  • one thing you need to know about rome is that it is a great city to explore by walking. you will enjoy it and discover amazing places at every corner if you do so! However choose a good time of year cuz it could get very hot during summer! Another alternate transportation is by taxi or underground, very easy, accessible, and clean, not so expensive.
  • The urban design and layout itself is a master piece, rome simply is a bunch of narrow roads and piazza’s, in each piazza you would find a monument or a fountain, a piece of art that you would enjoy watching for some time. Look around while walking, you would find views framed in the most amazing way. There is always another view to another piazza or cathedral or tall monument, and just then you would appreciate the art behind all the planning!
  • When exploring the city, always carry a map and a fan cuz it gets hot sometimes. Try to mark all landmarks or places you want to visit and group close ones together so you wouldn’t have to walk far distances twice or waist your time in places you have already passed by.
  1. Piazza Navona & street market of “campo de’ Fiori”:Piazza Navona is one of my favorite piazza’s in rome, not so crowded, with lovely sculpted fountain in the center. Explore the small alleys around and you will discover fine local italian boutiques and young designers with great goods to purchase. it is a great place to visit!

also around the corner, just few minutes walking distance, is piazza “Compo De’ Fiori”. a local market found on week days, with small stales selling local italian food, veggie, spice and souvenirs, i loved the place, very friendly and good quality products.

the only thing i was missing was a kitchen!! I wanted to get all those tasty fresh ingredients and cook meals every single day. it is very inspiring surrounded by sun dried tomatoes, endless bottles of olive oil, mushrooms, and tempting pasta shapes and flavors under the roman sky with the aroma of oregano in the air… just perfect.

one of the fresh veggies i fell in love with, and just adored was Zucchini blossoms! i read about stuffed zucchini flower dish which is a specialty in italy before i arrived to rome and i was determined to try it… and i am glad i did! it was one of those dishes you shouldn’t miss. A vegetarian recipe (my favorite kind of dish, so that adds more points) simply prepared by stuffing summer zucchini flowers with ricotta cheese accented with lemon zest or mint leaves, drizzled with olive oil, dipped in batter then slightly fried or baked.

a true italian delicacy.

This is a nice simple recipe i found online, if you are interested to try it yourself.


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